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Jane, Breast Cancer Survivor

A mammogram saved my life

Jane Acquino our breast cancer survivor

In February 2009, lifelong Nashua resident Jane Acquino received some startling news: her annual mammogram from the Breast Care Center at St. Joseph Hospital had come back showing an irregularity. She immediately went in to have an ultrasound of the lump and a biopsy confirmed the life-changing news the following day. At age 48, Jane was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer.

After having two surgeries, which resulted in a partial mastectomy, Jane began the grueling process of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. "It was rough," Jane says, "but the people at St. Joseph Hospital were incredible. When I got nervous, they'd come sit with me, talk to me; they helped me every step of the way."

Jane has now been cancer-free for two years. She visits the specialists at the Breast Care Center once every six months and sees her oncologist every three months for blood work and exams. She has had two clear mammograms and continues to be vigilant about her health. She urges everyone she knows to perform monthly breast exams and have an annual mammogram. "Early detection is key!" Jane says. "I figure everything happens for a reason, and if me telling people about my experience can help even one person, it's all worthwhile."

If you are over 40, schedule your mammogram today. We have two convenient locations in Nashua and Milford. To schedule your mammogram, call the Breast Care Center at (603) 595-5700.

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